The Super Net Division

SCII develops customized web based applications using various technologies like .NET, Java and other open source platforms using different life-cycle models including traditional models to agile practices. We develop scalable and highly efficient e-commerce applications which streamline the business processes and improve profitability. We develop Rich Internet Applications which enhance user experience.

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Business Intelligence

SCII has developed Business Intelligence tool to extract and analyze your business data stored in enterprise databases. Business-Intelligence tools provide capability to search and analyze the data and produce reports. With Canvas, even novice users are empowered with capability to analyze and visualize business data

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Cloud Computing

SCII is working on Cloud computing models using the Windows Azure platform. Our parent company System Consultant, Japan is an important partner of Microsoft in implementing hybrid cloud computing solutions using Azure platform. Cloud computing empowers the end-users with cost effective solutions.

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SCII provides web hosting services for your e-commerce business applications. We provide dedicated hosting space and infrastructure to our customers. We provide support and service to run your business applications. We are in the process of building a full-fledged Data Center which allows other models of operation as well.