Database Services

System Consultant Co., Ltd. (KSC) started its Database consulting services way back in 1993. KSC started providing Oracle Training Services from 1993 and has been the official trainer of IBM DB2 services in Japan since 2001. KSC is one of the most experienced and oldest System Integrators in Japan. We at SCII, inherit and strive to further improvise on these valuable features of KSC. In India, we provide the following Database services to construct most optimal BI system:

Database Consulting Service

We provide solution to all your Database related problems and help improve the overall system quality. We provide a wide range of our Database know-how, which is not just restricted to the RDBMS product knowledge, but also to logical planning, physical planning, actual operational improvement and performance tuning.

Database Construction Service

We provide high quality Database construction services which helps cut down the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in the future. When a Database is built, high efficiency is very essential since all the functionality, utility, and reliability revolves around it. Reducing TCO will subsequently improve your ROI (Return of Investment) and support your business strongly. We assure to provide you an optimized Database construction service through logical and physical planning to enhance your business returns.

System Construction Consulting Service

We support your BI system construction from the Database side. We have have guidence from our parent company who has experience of many Data Shift Services between different databases and large scale informative system construction Services for over 45 years as a System Integrator. This service allows you to construct your Database for an efficient BI system and improve your company evaluation.

Database Service

Database Consulting and Construction Service

System Construction Consulting Service