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Server & Network Monitoring System(SNMS) is a realtime, agentless monitoring system. SNMS monitors stand alone servers, virtual machines, websites and network devices.

Features Of SNMS

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Faster polling of system resources data

SNMS helps in faster recovery of hosts, by getting data quickly.

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Centralized configuration and Easy deployment

SNMS is a agentless monitoring tool, no configuration required in the client system.

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Multiple alert levels

SNMS provides multiple escalation steps to alert other levels of users.

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Stronger password encryption

SNMS encrypts all the stored passwords with strong encryption algorithm to safeguard sensitive data.

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Effective web monitoring function

SNMS provides URL monitoring service to ensure that webpages deliver smooth browsing experiences.

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Easy to use graphs and reporting

The dashboard and report feature in SNMS allow users to view, customise and extract the reports.

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Customised e-mail notification

Inbuilt SNMS email templates provides freedom for users to create customised notifications.

SNMS Subscription

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SCII provides cloud operation and monitoring service using SNMS tool.

SNMS tool has been deployed in the cloud environment.

Users are allowed to subscribe to SNMS. Once subscribed, users can add the respective hosts for monitoring.


network monitoring

Network monitoring

SNMS monitors network connections, network devices and network performances.

Basic metrics:

  • Link status
  • Network devices reachability and more..

server monitoring

Server monitoring

SNMS enables user to add and monitor standalone and cloud hosts.

Monitoring metrics:

  • Hosts performance
  • Reachability
  • Resources status Memory, Disk, Processor.

application monitoring

Application monitoring

Application monitoring metrics provided by SNMS.

  • Application URL reachability.
  • Application service status.
  • Application port status.

services monitoring

Services monitoring

SNMS provides variety of services monitoring features like:

  • Status monitoring of Application, Operating System, Database, Backup, etc.