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System Consultant Information India (SCII), established in December 2005, is a 100% subsidiary of System Consultant Co. Ltd (KSC) in Japan. SCII aims to create a business style that blends Indian talent with Japanese expertise.

about SCII

At SCII, our culture begins with our four core values that drive everything we do: Sincerity, Confidence, Integrity and Innovation. Furthermore, we are wealthy in talented and enthusiastic employees. The key to our success is an absolute dedication to delighting our clients with premium products and services.

Our Parent Company

System Consultant Co. Ltd (KSC), established in 1968, is a private firm based in Tokyo, Japan. KSC has a 50+ years history in the Japanese Information Technology market, serving the Japanese community in their software needs.

Our SDG Goals


At SCII we firmly believe that our success and prosperity depends on the existence of a sustainable society. Achieving the SDGs drawn up by the UN must be an integral part of our business strategy if we are to succeed in the 21st century.

Our vision for the planet is to create a greener, healthier world by taking actions that protect the environment and restore nature. Our commitment towards our people is to create a healthy, inclusive and equitable workplace for all of our employees and management, and to shape a future with meaningful opportunities for all.

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Our Services

  • Research and Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Application Development
  • Business Management
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Canvas turns data into insightful business information which helps decision makers and end users to make more effective data-driven decisions. It can be used by Employees, Managers, Leaders, Management Members and IT Administrators.

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21st December 2023

Mr. Kohei OTSUKA, (Member of House of Councilors, Parliament of Japan) visited SCII to know about SCII's experience of working with Japanese companies, learn how SCII was established in India and our achievements including our plans for future growth.

24th November 2023

Onsite SCII members participated in the Partner’s Day event organized at KSC on 24th Nov. 2023

20th November 2023

Mr. Kunihiko MIYAKE, Special Advisor to the Cabinet, Government of Japan/ Research Director of The Canon Institute for Global Studies, visited SCII to observe Japanese companies that are active in areas of Karnataka state and also to know about SCII success stories to further promote investment in India.

10th June 2023

SCII employees have conducted an environmental awareness program at Darvin International School, Sulagitti Narasamma Campus. This showed a commitment to educating and raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

27th May 2023

We made a positive impact on the lives of those who are in need by celebrating the act of kindness day. SCII employees and management came together to help the elderly and children at Shree Shiva Shikhshanika Seva Ashrama in Kadaranahalli, Mydala post, Tumkur.