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R & D

Our company reinforces R & D activities to innovate and introduce advanced products and services. Our objective is to take these products and services to market which allows the company to stay ahead of its competition. The elusive key to a successful product and service resides in 3 D's- Diligence, Dedication and Dicipline.We are competent in the fields like natural language processing, data analytics and virtual reality which are applications of Artificial intelligence (AI).

Natural Language processing or abbreviated as NLP, is broadly defined as the automatic manipulation of natural language, like speech and text, by software. Our team of professionals aim at developing techniques using pattern matching and semantic matching to convert simple English or Japanese language queries into SQL queries. By implementing tokenization, escape word removal, classification of elements and query formation.

Data Analytics is the process of examining data sets in order to draw conclusions about the information they contain, increasingly with the aid of specialized systems and software. To conduct predictive analytics, techniques and modules like Keras/TensorFlow and Deep Neutral Networks are used. We aspire to solve problems by revealing trends and metrics of usual and unusual patterns from huge datasets using supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms like K-Means Clustering, Decision Trees, etc. This can be integrated in Customer’s business to improve operational efficiency.

Virtual Reality allows the user to immerse within an artificial environment and interact with computer-generated 3D world. It reduces investment and increases enrichment across a range of industries, allowing businesses to leverage its key features and take a step further in their product and services advancement. At SCII, we are looking forward to integrating the world of Virtual Reality with advanced technologies like Machine learning and Data Analytics and develop applications that enhances the user experience.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing significantly improve business and IT agility, boost innovation, unlock new possibilities and bring down the costs.

We at SCII, with a dedicated team of experienced Azure development professionals, help software product companies gain the Azure Services development advantage.

SCII as a partner for Azure Service based software development, provides options to define the relationship model that best serves clients unique business requirements.

Azure range of services provided by SCII :

  • 1. Azure Solution Development Service
  • 2. Azure Application Support Service
  • 3. Azure Assessment Service
  • 4. Azure Technical Specialist Consulting


Sales management software allude to systems that enable sales managers to gain increased insight into key performance indicators across their organization.

These sales applications are used to increase and measure productivity and to perform other business functions accurately.

Sales management software enable managers to track the actions of sales representative with respect to goals.

Sales management systems also track key call metrics like average hold time and calls-per-day-by so that managers can optimize their sales process for maximum revenue generation.

The combination of our experience and fresh ideas allows us to collaborate with our customers most effectively guiding them towards a winning business strategy, implement solutions of uncompromised quality and lead their businesses to new heights.


We at SCII, develop eminent business-to-business Electronic Commerce websites that suits the needs of our clients.

Our E-Commerce web development team works on custom design layout and develops a secured gateway for payments which is vital to run a website successfully.

Our business analysts and project managers take a strategic look at clients business to set short and long-term goals, outline roadmap and prototype E-Commerce solution.


Business logistics portrays "having the right item , right quantity, right price, right place, right time" - for the right customer.

SCII is a solution provider and technology consultant helping logistics service providers and Electronic Data Interchange.

We have rich domain expertise to implement cutting-edge IT services for logistics companies and help to address the industry’s key challenges effectively.

Our experience with clients ranges from providing application development and maintenance services, integration and testing services, to devising strategic solutions for efficient process management.

We offer cost-effective and exemplary Logistics IT Solutions.

Web Application

Web applications allow us to access customised applications hosted on remote servers and delivers contents over the Internet through a browser interface. It seamlessly connects multiple users to the same version of an application through various platforms like desktop, laptop, mobile.

We are committed to provide solutions to our clients using various technologies and by handling projects comprising of Google Analytics and frameworks such as Oauth.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis has a remarkable contribution in the field of Software Development.

We have expertise in furnishing projects for analysing data and representing it in distinct format using technologies such as HTML5, NVD3 etc.

Our team consists of analysts who contribute their best to deliver the optimum quality outputs. We at SCII work very closely with our clients to understand each and every requirement well, irrespective of it being major or minor.

Data Analysis helps us make decisions more scientific and also operate our business more efficiently.

Business Process

Business process is an assortment of linked tasks which assures the conveyance of service or product to the client in a series of steps targeted to achieve a concrete objective.

Our proficient designers help users streamline a series of recurring tasks, which allows non-techy end-users to change process behaviour at runtime without the need to change the code.

Business process makes it easy for us to identify the bottlenecks. Hence, we can clearly notice the process through tasks that helps to examine the data and conclude the process efficiently and cost-effectively.

E-Doc Management

Document management is a system used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper.

Digital technology is transforming many industries and introducing new challenges related to information management. It balances traditional requirements for security, privacy, and regulatory compliance with the need for information that is instantly accessible, anytime from anywhere, and easy to work with, share, and collaborate on. This technology is rapid to deploy, available on premises, in a private cloud, across mobile devices, and is easily integrated with third-party technology solutions.

Our company has proven expertise in providing our clients an Electronic Contract Management system used to facilitate dematerializing solutions for managing the contract documents, thereby improving operational competence and enhancing compliance.

Resource Management

Resource management is effective in administering profuse resources in any business.

SCII combines its sophisticated, well-proven practices for complete client satisfaction! Our team is excellent in tackling projects using resources in the most efficient approach possible, by providing contemporary information without accessing the Master database. Our team is distinctive in handling projects which include resouce levelling that avoids short-fall or excess inventory.

Resource management is the efficient and effective management of an organization's resources which helps a company in using its talents and materials sensibly.