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2022-06-21 International Yoga Day Celebration

2022-06-06 World Environmental Day Celebration


In 2022 SCII has continued to pursue its vision of creating a greener and healthier world. Goals and achievements outlined in our previous Sustainability Report have been expanded and fortified. We remain committed to protecting and restoring the natural environment, as well as creating a healthy and equitable workplace for all employees and local communities.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) drawn up by the United Nations remain strongly relevant to our company’s intention to shape a greener future with meaningful opportunities for all.

We believe that any long-term benefits to people through social and economic programs depend on progress in sustainability. We, therefore, focus on addressing the challenges faced by the community and the natural environment. Businesses cannot thrive unless people, the planet, and society are thriving. SCII believes in upgrading the environment and human workforce, working collaboratively with educational institutions, and empowering our community.

Throughout 2022 our campus continued to uphold the highest standards of sustainability. We retained our Green Status Category, the highest clean campus certification from the Pollution Control Board. Going forward, we strive to maintain and improve our excellence in environmental and social sustainability by minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting employee health and productivity.

*Sustainability Report 2022
*Sustainability Report 2022 (PDF Version)

*Sustainability Report 2021