Areas of Focus


Current Achievements


  • Total self-sufficiency in all water needs
  • Water reservoirs on our campus to maintain groundwater levels
  • Drip irrigation method to minimize the usage of water.
  • Electrical use reduced by natural lighting and cooling.
  • Replaced 20 % of CFL lights with LED.
  • Upcycling of STP semi-solid sludge as manure for our campus grounds.
  • Eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers and prevent runoff from our premises.
  • Conservation of topsoil by planting vegetation.
  • Applied reduce, reuse and recycle concepts within the organization.

  • Health insurance and accident coverage provided for all staff have been increased this year.
  • 100% smoke-free campus.
  • Numerous training programs for new staff and students.
  • Zero discrimination based on gender, sexuality, faith, ethnicity, or physical abilities for recruitment, promotion, etc.
  • Zero discrimination based on gender, sexuality, faith, ethnicity or physical abilities for recruitment, promotion etc.
  • Support was given for women returning from maternity leave.
  • Active promotion of strong female leadership.

  • Provide exposure to the corporate environment to professional students through industrial visits.
  • Expanded the scope of collaborations with local professional colleges.
  • Continue to practice the highest levels of information privacy and security.
  • Created new business opportunities to strengthen regional development.
  • Collaborative R&D projects with local university students

Caring for our Planet
Caring for our People
Caring for our Community