Current Achievements


  • Replaced 25 % of CFL lights with LED
  • Optimization and regular maintenance of server room and data center
  • Encouraging power management among employees
  • Regular inspection of the entire rainwater harvesting system
  • Cleaning and debris removal from water storage tanks on a regular interval
  • Water Quality Monitoring of STP water and harvested water
  • Limit e-waste reaching landfills by processing through authorized recyclers
  • Reduction of other types of waste by recycling or eliminating usage
  • Planted 20% flowering and fruit plants in 2023
  • Maintained our native plants regularly

  • A regular awareness program conducted for the POSH Act to build a safe environment
  • Equal opportunities for all female employees
  • Finding out the skill gaps regularly to train our workforce
  • Conducted several trainings (online & offline) for skill enhancement and bridging the skill gaps
  • Near all leaders of SCII visited our Parent Company in Tokyo, Japan for exposure and to understand the future needs
  • A few employees got an onsite opportunity for a long time to work with Japanese clients
  • KSC (Parent Company, Tokyo Japan) employees visited SCII for a cross-culture experience
  • Flexibility for work location, given an opportunity for remote work for a few employees
  • A supporting team present for any technical needs of staff
  • Recreation, exercise, and retrieval facilities provided to all staff KSC (Parent Company, Tokyo Japan) employees visited SCII for a cross-culture experience

  • Collaborated with the government NATs program and actively recruited 7% of candidates for the apprenticeship program
  • 100% recruitment for NATs program students after the training program
  • We offer students of almost all nearby colleges a first-hand experience of the corporate environment, bridging the gap between theory and practical application through industrial visits.
  • Expanded the scope of collaborations with local professional colleges
  • Expand our hand to reach out to the needy people
  • Expanded our help and awareness regarding the sustainability of the environment to our nearby schools and helping centers
  • Continue to practice the highest levels of information privacy and security
  • IMS-PMS training implemented for all employees and refreshed every 6 months

Progress for a Better Planet
Progress for a Better People
Progress for a Better Community