Current Achievements

Future Targets


  • Total self-sufficiency in all water needs
  • Zero waste discharged to municipal sewers
  • Greywater & precision irrigation used to minimise landscaping water requirements
  • Electrical use reduced by natural lighting and cooling
  • Reduced output to landfill through on-site composting of green waste and segregation of recyclable e-waste
  • Zero use of chemical fertilizers by upcycling STP solids

  • Continue monitoring and maintaining surface and groundwater around our campus
  • Further increase water use efficiency across our grounds and facilities
  • Replace all of our CFL lights with LED by 2025
  • Fulfil at least 30% of our energy requirements through renewable energy by 2025
  • Reduce paper consumption by using digital documents

  • Health insurance and accident coverage provided for all staff
  • 100% smoke-free campus
  • Numerous training programmes for new staff and students
  • Development of an online education delivery platform
  • Zero discrimination based on gender, sexuality, faith, ethnicity or physical abilities for recruitment, promotion etc.
  • Active promotion of strong female leadership

  • Fortify support for women returning from maternity leave
  • Upgrade accessibility features of our buildings and grounds
  • Reinstate Global Training programmes affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Increase women in management positions and women at all levels to 50% by 2025

  • Active recruitment of local and rural fresh graduates
  • Regular employment of local manual labourers under equitable terms
  • New opportunities created for local labourers & business owners
  • Various outreach activities undertaken to improve social welfare
  • Zero tolerance policy with respect to all forms of bribery
  • Thorough IMS-PMS training implemented for all employees
  • Collaborative R&D projects with local university students

  • Expand the scope of collaborations with local students
  • Continue to recruit and train rural and disadvantaged fresh graduates
  • Continue to practice the highest levels of information privacy and security
  • Create new business opportunities to strengthen regional development

Caring for our Planet
Caring for our People
Caring for our Community